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Review - Target August 2017 Beauty Box

I like trying out monthly and quarterly box companies to see if they are all they are hyped to be. Plus I often get really awesome stuff in them that I love! I get to try out new companies and products for a low price. (^.^) I have discovered a lot of great companies just by getting these boxes, companies I had never heard of before.

Today I'm reviewing the Target August 2017 Beauty Box. I know a lot of people like to do box reveals as soon as they can find out what's in the box, but I like to take my time with the products in each box so I can actually review them for you. This way you get to see what kind of things you'll get in the box, as well as finding out how they work!
To start with, this box came with a 1.4fl oz sample bottle of Herbal Essences Bio-Renew Repair Shampoo. I tend to avoid chemical filled hair products, but I do keep these tiny bottles for camping trips and travel. This one smells pretty good and it cleans really well! I don't feel there is enoug…

Know When To Fold Em

A lot has changed in the last month. My ex left a month ago. So much has gone on since then, most of it good. I've learned A LOT and I am thankful for each lesson. I feel like I can speak from such a different place now at a month than I could at a week.

First off - I am GLAD that it is over. As more time has passed, I've realized just how horrible of a human I was with. I cannot believe I stayed as long as I did. I think that people who are more empathetic and those who want to help others can often fall prey to people like that. You want to help them, love them, and take care of them - like puppy you rescue from the pound. The problem is that these are people who are content to be broken and damaged. THEY DO NOT WANT TO CHANGE. These are people who would rather suck the life, joy and love out of everyone around then rather than get help to be a better person. That's a pretty disturbing realization!

Some people cannot be helped or saved. Some people are just never going…