Review - California Winecraft Chateau Vanille and Sonoma Brew

I like wine and I like trying new drinks. What's life without a little excitement? When we were at the store I found two of these California Winecraft canned wines and thought I'd give them a try.

The first one I tried was the Chateau Vanille. This has 6.5% alcohol in it and I have to say, I loved the flavor! It was a really great combo of chardonnay and vanilla. I enjoyed this drink and would definitely recommend it!

The second one I tried was Sonoma Brew. This one also has 6.5% alcohol in it. However - I did NOT like the flavor of this one! They mixed red wine with cola and it just didn't taste good. Mr. Divine tried it and didn't like it either. So two for two of us said nay on this one.

I'm not sure if this company went out of business or not simply because their wines were on clearance at our local grocery store and their website seems to be missing pictures. Also, no posts on their Facebook page for a long while. If they have gone under, you might not be able to find their drinks anymore.

If you can still find them, try the Chateau Vanille! Totally yummy drink for those who like a sweeter wine. (^.^)

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