I Save Jars

The title of this post does not mean that I run down the streets in a cape and mask, rescuing jars in distress everywhere.... But that sounds like it could be fun! (^.^) The title of this post refers to me choosing not to throw jars away, but to wash them out and reuse them. I have many,many jars in all shapes and sizes in my cupboards!

Years ago, during on of my researches on healthier living, I discovered how bad plastic is. Not only is it often unable to be recycled, but it is also very bad for you because the chemicals it's made of leech out of it into your food and drink. This concerned me, so I started looking for other methods to store food and drinks in. Enter the glass jar! This lovely item has been around for a very long time and it provides a way to store edible and drinkable things in a safer way.

I began collecting glass jars then. Whenever I'd buy food that came in a glass jar I would wash it out and reuse it. From time to time I've had to cut down on the am…

A Daily Dose of Tea

Health and wellness are important to me. I believe if we take care of our bodies and well-being, it benefits us in so many ways! I try to keep this thought in mind in everything I do. ❤

I created a new daily routine for myself that is very simple - drink a cup of tea a day. Not too long ago a friend who was going caffeine/tea/coffee free gave us her whole tea stash. We now have A LOT of tea! I love tea so I was quite excited to receive it. Yet I have rarely made myself a cup since. As I reorganized my kitchen this week, I decided that I needed to start drinking more tea!

Tea has a lot of great health benefits if you are drinking natural and organic tea. The pre-made stuff in bottles is often full of a lot of sugar, which you don't need! In order to start using my large tea stash and to benefit my body, I've made it part of my daily routine to have at least one cup of tea a day. We have such a large variety of teas in our kitchen that I don't get bored with any one. And ev…

April Birchbox Review

Last month was my birthday month (yay!) and I really wanted to do some sweet things for myself. Both Julep and Birchbox were having great deals so I signed up for both. I cancelled Julep at the end of the month though, simply because the cost of the boxes going forward were not worth the products I got in them. Birchbox had a lower monthly cost of $10 and I got at least 5 samples in each box. For the month of March, I got a whole second mystery box for free! (^.^)

This month I received 6 samples. I will go through each one with you and tell you what I thought about each product, as well as where you can buy them from!

* As with any company you get samples from, ALWAYS CHECK AMAZON FOR CHEAPER PRICES BEFORE BUYING FULL SIZE FROM THE COMPANY! If price isn't an issue for you, buy wherever you want. If you are looking to get the best bang for your buck, look on Amazon because they often have cheaper prices! I've listed the Amazon links for any products that are available there! …

DIY Yeast Inflated Balloon Science Experiment

We love hands on projects here in the Divine household! Science, crafts, wood-working, art - you name it, we like doing it! Creating things, especially together as a family, is tons of fun! Little Divine and I had a lot more time recently so we've been looking for more hands on learning activities to go along with her homeschooling. I bake bread from scratch so yeast is a common ingredient in our house. This project seems to be a popular one online with kids and adults alike! (^.^)

 First things first, you need 1 empty water bottle. The size is up to you. You will also need yeast, 1 non-inflated balloon, sugar and warm water. We combined 2 tablespoons of yeast into hot water and mixed it well. Then we poured our mix into the water bottle using a funnel. We then added 4 tablespoons of sugar to give it food to eat off! We gently swirled the mixture around inside of the bottle to combine it all well. Lastly, we put our red balloon over the top opening of our water bottle.

 Almost im…

Welcome to The Life and Times of Ivy Divine!

Welcome to my blog! If this is your first time here, thank you for stopping by to see what my world has to offer you. (^.^) This blog will be my way to share all the experiences I have that I think are worth sharing! From reviews to video games to parenting to living well to homeschooling to relationships, and so much more! Basically you'll get a day in the life of me, Ivy Divine.

Feel free to follow me on my Facebook page and contact me if you have any questions, thought, or concerns!

I hope you enjoy your stay in my world! ❤